Remaining Aware of God’s Strengths in a Season of Self-Awareness


Our society is deep in a season of self-evaluation and self-awareness. We are encouraged to take personality assessments to better understand ourselves, are encouraged to go to counseling to understand what memories from our life are subconsciously shaping our present behaviors… and there truly is great value in understanding those parts of us. We need to know where are strengths and weaknesses lie in order to discover the unique talents God has given to each of us. However, I think something very important for Christians is being left out of the conversation. We need to be as aware of who God is as we are aware of who we are. We need to understand that God doesn’t always call the equipped – more often He equips the called. We see it in how He works through so many imperfect individuals in scripture. When we get too wrapped up in figuring out who we are, we all too often forget who He is. 

Too frequently we are basing our beliefs about what we are capable of achieving too heavily on what we think to be true about our personality type. We end up looking like Moses at the burning bush – telling God, “no my weaknesses are too great, call on someone else because you’ve got the wrong guy.” We come up with a list of reasons we cannot succeed at an assignment; we are not skilled communicators, we are overly skeptical, we are fearful of conflict – all based on what we are told by mere men. Think also about Peter, who I’d be willing to guess might be an Enneagram 6. Sixes are full of worry and doubts. They are the skeptic, but they are also loyal. Imagine if Peter had given up after he doubted Jesus on the Sea of Galilee, if he had thought “Jesus is right, I am one of little faith, and therefore I am not qualified to serve as one of Christ’s disciples.” Peter’s doubts, his weaknesses, do not make him incapable of being such an instrumental disciple of Christ. His weaknesses are meaningless in comparison to God’s glory and God’s plan. 

In placing overemphasis on what man tells us about who we are, we forget that – through that very encounter with Moses in the book of Exodus, and through Peter’s role as a leader in the early Christian Church – God is teaching us that our weaknesses don’t matter when it comes to God’s plan for our lives. He knows our strengths and weaknesses better than any personality test. To think that God would call us to something we’re not capable of is preposterous. We have to stop focusing so much on what we believe we’re capable of and remember what God is capable of. There are plenty of scenarios where it is appropriate to say no if we don’t feel capable of completing a task well. There will be plenty of moments when you feel doubt about your ability and God’s plan. Yet regardless of all that, we must never say no to God’s calling for us.