FAQs about Our Adoption

We’ve gotten some of the same questions over and over since starting the adoption process, and I thought it would be helpful to answer them for anyone still wondering. So, here we go!


Q: Are you adopting a boy or a girl?

A: We don’t know because we have said we are open to either. Additionally, we have expressed an interest in adopting twins… so we could end up with both!

Q: Do you know the race of the child you’ll be adopting?

A: We do not. We have no put any limitations on our adoption, meaning we are open to a child or children of any race or culture.

Q: Why did you choose domestic adoption versus international?

A: Honestly, at this point in our lives, it just made the most sense for us. While we are in a position to start a family, international adoption comes with many extra costs compared to domestic adoption. Also, Matt’s set amount of vacation time would make it nearly impossible to travel for an international adoption at this point in our lives. Finally, we really wanted to adopt a newborn and that is difficult if not impossible to do through international adoption.

Q: Do you know what state you’ll be adopting from?

A: No, but we do know we will not be adopting from New York or New Jersey (this is related to their adoption laws).

Q: How much will you be sharing once you are matched?

A: We do want to be open about our adoption process, and plan to share when we match. If we know the gender when we match, we will share that. However, we are painfully aware that “our” baby won’t be our baby until he or she is born and the mother has relinquished her rights. For that reason, and out of respect for the expectant mother who chooses us, we will not be having any kind of gender reveal party, announcing a baby name, or anything else similar until the baby is legally our child. We recognize that an expectant mother has every right to choose to parent at any point in the process, and that means there is always the chance of a failed match. A failed match, if it were to happen, does not mean we won’t adopt though. It would just mean our adoption process would be slowed down.

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